ExploriFile presents the most secure cloud solutions owing to its E2E encryption and other security features.

1. E2E encryption!

The documents are encrypted by the key generated from your password. This is why ExploriFile does not have access to it and can not offer password recovery. Losing your password means losing your data since you are the only person who knows your password.

2. Multi-factor authentication.

It reduces the risk of gaining unauthorized access to the system. Multi-factor authentication helps to protect sensitive data from hackers, dishonest employees and other insiders who may intentionally or accidentally put your data at risk.

3. GDPR Compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents the biggest change for European data protection laws over the previous 20 years. It modifies the way businesses store, manage and use personal data. Comprehensive data discovery and management are essential for GDPR compliance. ExploriFile ensures all the documents are indexed and are, therefore, searchable - even PDFs and images.

4. Setting roles and permissions

Role-based control enables you to grant your team the access level required. By assigning a user to a role, you can limit access to sensitive information and restrict operations.

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